Welcome to Nitt Witt Hill

Nitt Witt Hill is a race against time to find what’s causing the country to become unglued. The President has lost his crackers, and the political parties have come to believe it’s advantageous to call themselves Clowns (with a slogan of "One More Clown Probably Won’t Make A Difference"), Turkeys ("Isn’t It Time We Had Some Real Turkeys Instead Of Those Clowns") and Nitt Witts ("Wait Until You See What Some Real Nitt Witts Can Do").

With politicians seeming to compete to see who can look the silliest, unless Mark, a political consultant, and his dog, Twain can determine what’s making the country so neurotic, the country may collapse. It all begins and ends on Nitt Witt Hill.

Nitt Witt Hill is politics taken to its most absurd level and along the way is funny as hell. It’s been called the "Satirical Novel of the Year," and it’s author, Sebastian Gibson has been called, "Brilliant, Hilarious, a Comedic Genius and a Legend."

Buy the political humor novel that’s making Washington laugh so hard they can’t accomplish anything, Nitt Witt Hill. On sale at and available as a paperback at Amazon.com or for your Kindle, Nook or iPad at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBooks store.

The Nitt Witt Hill Politics, Political Humor and Comedy Festival Project

This project is currently in development.  Check back here in the future for more information.